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The Advent of the Briar Pipe

It looked good, both for its colour as well as for its grain

    Monsieur Regard and Monsieur Buat had come to Beaucaire for the fair.  As delegates from the Chambre Consultative des Arts et Manufactures, they could not miss such an important event, to which merchants and merchandise flocked from all Mediterranean countries, as well as from some countries in the North. That evening they were dining in the inn, exchanging ideas and planning the next day when suddenly one of them broke...

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Shape Chart

    It is always a pleasure and interesting to discuss pipes: observing their craftsmanship, manufacture, air hole / bore forature and finish help pipe enthusiasts feel that they are increasingly an integral part of this fascinating world, and of the pipe itself (if the tobacco is the “fuel” of our briar, the smoker is the “accelerator pedal”, ready to regulate the fuel and speed properly). In addition to the...

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Umberto Eco: Memory and Pipes

Portrait of Umberto Eco

    His right hand cupping his chin, holding his index finger to his lips as if to silence them and at the same time smoothing his moustache a stroke or two, is a gesture that precedes thinking about something or remembering some episode in his life. If he is listening to someone, it may reveal the degree of interest in the person speaking or at least in what the person is saying. He follows by smoothing his beard and adjusting his glasses....

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Waiting for a Root - Part X

Not so much as visible for all to see, but invisible, underground: the strange, round root of a Mediterranean shrub

    Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor had not yet been born, yet pipe production was already divided into various stages that were assigned their own specialist craftsmen, foreshadowing the Industrial Revolution in eighteenth century English and Dutch workshops where clay pipes were manufactured. The raw clay that arrived from the quarries, washed clean of sand and other impurities, was then mixed with the raw scraps from previous...

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The Al Pascià website is being renovated

Building the present to create the future.

    For 110 years the door of our shop in Milan has been open to welcome you to the world of pipes, and it is already 20 years since we opened a window on our website to welcome you when you are far away. The key to keeping both of these open is our long history that constantly determines our decisions made for the future.    Our new site has arrived after two decades of online experience where we have always sought to keep...

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Meetings in Al Pascia'


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