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Waiting for a Root - Part X

Not so much as visible for all to see, but invisible, underground: the strange, round root of a Mediterranean shrub

    Henry Ford and Frederick Winslow Taylor had not yet been born, yet pipe production was already divided into various stages that were assigned their own specialist craftsmen, foreshadowing the Industrial Revolution in eighteenth century English and Dutch workshops where clay pipes were manufactured. The raw clay that arrived from the quarries, washed clean of sand and other impurities, was then mixed with the raw scraps from previous...

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The Al Pascià website is being renovated

Building the present to create the future.

    For 110 years the door of our shop in Milan has been open to welcome you to the world of pipes, and it is already 20 years since we opened a window on our website to welcome you when you are far away. The key to keeping both of these open is our long history that constantly determines our decisions made for the future.    Our new site has arrived after two decades of online experience where we have always sought to keep...

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Meetings in Al Pascia'


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Al Pascià Curvy 03

Curvy Year Three

    Just like the first two pipes, Curvy 03 has finally arrived with affection and simplicity exactly two years on. Despite being a challenge, we still really believed in our curious, chubby Curvy when we took it to InterTabac in Dortmund, September 2015. Compact, yet high-performing, it revolutionised classic pipe standards – how would smokers and the press react to it?  The reception was so immediate...

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The Sweet Inebriation of Brebbia

  Uncle Bernardo was short, astute and generous and had made his fortune in London. When he returned, he worked in various business sectors and was the right person to ask for help. The last few years for Enea Buzzi had been intense: in 1943 his diploma in Accounting, the following year in the mountains with the partisans, then Bocconi University which he left to work for the electricity company in Varese, and finally setting up his own used...

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The Importance of Being “Radice”

  The man who had just entered the bar spotted the thirteen-year-old playing table football and asked him: “Hey, who’s your dad?” When the boy answered, he exclaimed: “Right, so your grandad is the one who breeds pigeons, and your nickname is Picc, as in Piccione [Italian for pigeon]. So, by 1952 Luigi “Gigi” Radice had a nickname that would last a lifetime, but what he did not know was that his surname would...

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