Alfred Dunhill first had the idea of inserting a white spot on pipe stems in 1912 for practical reasons. The hand-made, vulcanite stems were so perfect that clients often had trouble knowing which way to insert them into the shank, so Dunhill solved this problem by placing a mark, a white spot at the end of the stem to show which way was “up”. Although Dunhill was brilliant at marketing his products, he certainly did not think of this as a possible trademark. Indeed, in 1923 he had to go to court to defend his original creation. In Dunhill pipes at that time the white spot was a thin, round ivory circle inserted into the stem, but today this is made of high-grade acrylic...read more                             Selection of 300 Dunhill pipes, Dunhill The White Spot, Dunhill smoking pipes, Dunhill pipes, Dunhill pfeifen, Dunhill pfeife, Dunhill cachimbos, Dunhill fajka, Dunhill piber, The White Spot, Dunhill 煙斗, Dunhill труба, Dunhill パイプ, Dunhill 파이프, Dunhill Shell Briar pipes, Dunhill Cumberland pipes, Dunhill Bruyere pipes, Dunhill County pipes, Dunhill Root Briar pipes,