The name is high-sounding, Accademia della Pipa, and the roles within it pretentious, Masters and pupils.

However, it is not a question of haughtiness, but rather of the desire to communicate, starting from the name, seriousness and rigor. The roles, on the other hand, are borrowed from the organizational model  of the ancient artisan workshops, where masters  and students identified themselves because of the skills and knowledge accumulated over the years of work.

The Accademia della Pipa was born in 2020, the year of the great Pandemic. Between the blocking of non-essential activities and the confinement at home, four long-time pipemakers, with different experiences in the international field ("Mimmo" Romeo, Gabriele Dal Fiume, Davide Iafisco and Gioacchino Sauro) eventually found the time to realize an idea that had been stirring in their heads for a long time.