Uncle Bernardo was short, astute and generous and had made his fortune in London. When he returned, he worked in various business sectors and was the right person to ask for help. The last few years for Enea Buzzi had been intense: in 1943 his diploma in Accounting, the following year in the mountains with the partisans, then Bocconi University which he left to work for the electricity company in Varese, and finally setting up his own used car business.  However, he wasn’t satisfied. The fire that blazed within him was the same as that of his grandfather Achille, who had built a small power plant in the municipality of Brebbia, near Varese, between 1890 and 1893. This power plant was capable of supplying electricity to his family’s cotton mill as well as to various villages nearby. It was the same mill where his father, Carlo Andrea, known as Gino, had worked, establishing and managing a weaving mill in Gavirate until the 1929 crisis forced him to close it.  Thus, they were a family of entrepreneurs, with relatives and friends who were also entrepreneurs, so it seems that Enea was almost obliged to follow in their more                             Brebbia, Brebbia smoking pipes, Brebbia pipes, Brebbia pfeifen, Brebbia pfeife, Brebbia cachimbos, Brebbia fajka, Brebbia piber, Brebbia 煙斗, Brebbia труба, Brebbia パイプ, Brebbia 파이프,