Roman Kovalev

Roman remembers when he bought his first pipe in 1995. The same day he graduated he went to the local tobacconist to buy some cigars, but saw a pipe. As in all fateful encounters, from that time on he has always smoked pipes. His desire to know how things work, the initial shot setting into motion all the rest, led him to find out all he could about pipes. It was not so much exploring the pipe as an object in itself, but rather the creative process behind it. This is because Roman believes that art is reality interpreted subjectively by an artistic temperament. What can be more interesting than finding out about the craftsman who carved the briar wood to achieve a certain design? When he bought his first Tokutomi only three years later after his first pipe, he instantly wanted to explore the relation between material and character, creative insight and life of the pipe maker.  He will always remember a few mythical models made by master pipe makers, to remind him how much beauty lies within a block of wood. Now he makes his own pipes to smoke, selecting Italian briar and sometimes strawberry more                          Doctor's Pipe, Roman Kovalev 煙斗, Roman Kovalev pipes, Roman Kovalev smoking pipes, Roman Kovalev pfeifen, Roman Kovalev pfeife, Roman Kovalev cachimbos, Roman Kovalev fajka, Roman Kovalev piber, Roman Kovalev труба, Roman kovalev パイプ, Roman Kovalev 파이프,