The mind is bizarre, skipping from thought to thought without any apparent logical connection. So following the brief image of being hand in hand with her father as they gazed on a Cy Twombly painting was another one of being in her husband’s workshop with pipe makers of the Danish school at the lathe. It was there that she decided that making pipes would be in tune with her personal research on volume in small objects as well. If technique is separate from form, at least initially, why not have a go? After all, it was the technique that scared her, as she had constantly tried to dominate everything according to her own personal temperament and height. When she thinks of her first attempts she smiles. They were so rudimental. She would take a piece of briar, design the type of pipe she wanted to make and it had to be exactly as she wanted it to be...read more                        Selection of Karin smoking pipes hand made in Italy. Karin, karin 煙斗, Karin smoking pipes, Karin pipes, Karin pfeifen, Karin pfeife, Karin cachimbos, karin fajka, Karin piber, Karin труба, Karin パイプ, Karin 파이프,