Frank Axmacher

The umpteenth person was about to die of boredom on a dreary summer afternoon in 2004. Too much silence and inertia could kill anyone, even more so if you lived in a quiet town like Solingen, where the intense green lawns owe their aspect more to copious amounts of rain than to gardening skills, and above all where somebody like Frank did not count patience as one of his virtues. However, such days may turn out to be electrifying. There had already been some signs of a change in the previous days, when Frank, feeling dissatisfied,  had surfed the net to view specialist sites, and something was bubbling inside him, as if to announce his imminent burst of genius and more                          Frank Axmacher, Frank Axmacher smoking pipes, Frank Axmacher pipes, Frank Axmacher pfeifen, Frank Axmacher 煙斗, Frank Axmacher pfeife, Frank Axmacher cachimbos, Frank Axmacher fajka, Frank Axmacher piber, Frank Axmacher труба, Frank Axmacher パイプ, Frank Axmacher 파이프,