Rolando Negoita

Rolando has always loved mountains, as they remind him of Transylvania, his home country. Besides, if you have always been faced with vertical elements that eclipse the horizon, the urge to climb to the top to see what is beyond will certainly affect your decisions, as happened to Rolando. The fact that he chose an artistic career only confirms his tendency to be curious, constantly seeking what is beyond and driving forward. This approach has also characterized his attitude to life. There are no barriers for Rolando, but only challenges to be met providing alternative solutions, and his creativity is also a part of this, whether it is dealing with a rock wall, metal, or piece of briar wood. It is a way to put his skills to the test in order to find new ways to reach the top. While his hands are busy tying up his lace, Roland is dwelling precisely on this fact, and on the countless encounters with nature, despite the fact that he is now an established designer and teacher at the Parsons New School for Design in New more                           Rolando Negoita 煙斗, Rolando Negoita pipes, Rolando Negoita smoking pipes, Rolando Negoita pfeifen, Rolando Negoita pfeife, Rolando Negoita cachimbos, Rolando Negoita fajka, Rolando Negoita piber, Rolando Negoita труба, Rolando Negoita パイプ, Rolando Negoita 파이프,