Leo Borgart

Doors open and close spaces, join and divide rooms, reassure and protect, but at the same time enable you to gain access and enter. Doors represent both separation and communication between two domains. There are real doors, such as those of houses or blocks of flats, or the gates to enter a city, but there are also conceptual doors, such as those that open out into the world, the future, or to the others. Moreover, in both Western and Eastern cultures the phrase “crossing the threshold” implies entering another world. Today’s story in a certain sense will be about doors, both real doors that open to welcome and metaphorical doors that open to let you go out or close to keep you in, and we could say that Leo Borgart found himself on the threshold of both these doors...read more                          Leo Borgart, Leo Borgart smoking pipes, Leo Borgart pipes, Leo Borgart pfeifen, Leo Borgart 煙斗, Leo Borgart pfeife, Leo Borgart cachimbos, Leo Borgart fajka, Leo Borgart piber, Leo Borgart труба, Leo Borgart パイプ, Leo Borgart 파이프,