The man who had just entered the bar spotted the thirteen-year-old playing table football and asked him: “Hey, who’s your dad?” When the boy answered, he exclaimed: “Right, so your grandad is the one who breeds pigeons, and your nickname is Picc, as in Piccione [Italian for pigeon]. So, by 1952 Luigi “Gigi” Radice had a nickname that would last a lifetime, but what he did not know was that his surname would be even more important, almost a sort of premonition, for “Radice” in Italian means “root”. Having finished vocational school at sixteen, Luigi found a job as a lathe-tuner and toolmaker in a metal workshop in his home town, Cucciago. He then went to a nearby town, Cantù, to work for a furniture factory, working on metal tubes and as a bronze craftsman. In the evenings, he would top up his wages with other jobs, such as polishing and varnishing...read more                                   selection of 200 Radice smoking pipes, Radice smoking pipes, Radice pipes, Radice pfeifen, Radice pfeife, Radice cachimbos, Radice piber, Radice 煙斗, Radice fajka, Radice труба, Radice パイプ, Radice 파이프,