Hans had exactly the same spirit in the mid-1950s, when he was fifteen and had left school. He was looking for a job and had already found two job advertisements in the newspaper. The first one interested him, as it was for a mechanic in a workshop in town. Indeed, Hans loved motorbikes, owning one himself and he felt he had a natural talent for mechanics. The other was for repairing pipes at Suhrs Pibereparation, a pipe shop near his house. Two different opportunities, but both attractive for a job seeker. You can’t be choosy when looking for a job, thought Hans positively. So he showed up at the workshop, hoping deep down to be able to fulfill his dream. Unfortunately, there were others who had the same idea, and he found a long queue of young men more or less the same age as him waiting to be interviewed. As soon as he saw the queue, Hans smiled, although he was slightly more                               Hans Nielsen, Former, Former smoking pipes, Former pipes, Former 煙斗, Former pfeifen, Former pfeife, Former cachimbos, Former fajka, Former piber, Former труба, Former パイプ, Former 파이프,